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The Power Chip™ is a new technology that uses the physical mechanism of thermionics and quantum thermotunnelling to generate electrical power directly from heat, with no moving parts, and with a higher projected efficiency than any current technology.

Power Chips should revolutionize electrical power generation across virtually all applications. In present large generating stations, adding Power Chips to capture heat that is now wasted will enable power plants to produce at least 20% more power with no increase in fuel consumption or emissions. Eventually, more-efficient power plants, using only Power Chips to produce power, will become common.

In automobiles and other vehicles, Power Chips initially are likely to replace the alternator, using waste heat from the radiator and exhaust and greatly increasing the efficiency of the internal combustion engine. Within a few years, electrically-driven vehicles will become possible, with power generated by Power Chips--burning gasoline, natural gas, or hydrogen as fuel to produce heat--and driving a super-efficient Chorus® Motor. Such an automobile would achieve dramatic improvements in fuel efficiency, and produce a fraction of the emissions.

Power Chips will make possible safe, efficient distributed power, enabling buildings or factories to generate their own electricity. They will make it possible to bring plentiful electric power to regions of the world whose peoples and economies now suffer from inadequate electric power, at a fraction of the cost to do so using current generating technologies. Power Chips will be among the first economically and environmentally transformative fruits of the emerging nanotechnology revolution.

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