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Power Chips Executive Committee and Management Team
Rodney T. Cox, Ph.D.
  B.A., Mathematics and Economics,Willamette University.
  M.S., GSIA, Carnegie Mellon University.
  Ph.D., Operations Research/Finance,Columbia University.
  Work History:  
Chairman and Director, Borealis and all of the Borealis Family of Companies.
  1978-1999, President.
  1960-2001, Partner, The Parmenides Group, Private Investment Bankers.

Wayne S. Marshall. Ph.D.
  B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado.
  B.S., Business, University of Colorado.
  M.S., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University.
  Ph.D., Operations Research, Case Institute of Technology.
  Work History:  
  1985-present, Director, Borealis and all of the Borealis Family of Companies.
  Professor of Business Administration Emeritus, Long Island University.
  1962-1969, Professor of Business Administration, Columbia University.

Isaiah W. Cox
  A. B, Princeton University, Cum Laude.
  Work History:  
  1999-present, President.
Chief Operating Officer, overseeing IP, contracts, communications.
Director, Borealis and all of the Borealis Family of Companies.
  1989-present, President, Thales Resources, Inc.
  1987-present, Worked with Borealis.
  5 U.S. Patents issued; 7 pending.

James Magdych
  University of Houston.
  Work History:  
  2002-present, Chief Information Officer.
  2001-present, Network consultant for Borealis.
Network Associates, Inc. Managed global security research team identifying and analyzing computer security threats. Consulted on computer security issues by various organizations, including: the FBI, CNN, the BBC, and many others.
ViewSonic Corporation. Responsible for architecture and implementation of global telecommunications strategy.

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