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ower Chips™ promise an efficiency of up to 70-80% of the theoretical maximum for a perfect heat pump (known as Carnot Efficiency). This represents a large increase of efficiency over the best conventional power generation systems. A conventional generator typically operates at between 30-50% of Carnot. The best thermoelectric (Seebeck effect) devices function at less than 8% of Carnot.

The potential for energy recovery from waste heat alone represents a tremendous market opportunity, with as much as 30-50% of the usable energy in gasoline being wasted as heat exhaust. In commercial power generating facilities, Power Chips could supplement (and eventually replace) existing internal combustion engines and turbine systems. There are further advantages to this system. A Power Chip™ does not have moving parts which wear out. It allows fuel to burn hotter and more efficiently, reducing the presence of unburned fuel escaping as exhaust. By increasing efficiency, less fuel is consumed and consequently less pollution is produced.

These factors make Power Chip technology ideal for the next generation of vehicles, power plants and distributed power/cogeneration applications. As fuel prices continue to climb and demand on the electrical grid increases, Power Chips offer real solutions.

ower Chips plc common shares were assigned the symbol PWCHF on 31 October 2003. The Power Chips Technology work is managed out of Europe and we are a virtual company based in the European Union. Your Company is a member of the Borealis Family of Companies, and is incorporated in Gibraltar. As such, we are governed by Gibraltar law (essentially English law), and we use Gibraltar GAAP as our reporting standard.

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