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Cool Chips Press Release Dated 1997

Borealis Unveils Thermionic Refrigeration System

Borealis Technical, a subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited (CANOTC:BSXC/NASD:BOREF) is delighted to announce the issuance of the world's first patent in the field of thermionic refrigeration.

The Borealis Refrigeration System™ brings together the most advanced research in chemistry, engineering and physics to create an entirely new method of cooling. Possible applications range from the cooling of an individual computer chip to large-scale air-conditioning systems.

Thermionic cooling uses an electronic solid-state vacuum diode™ - also known as a Borealis Cool Chip™  - in which heat is pumped from one side of the diode to the other. In an array of many thousands of such diodes, micro-engineered using the latest fabrication techniques, the Borealis Refrigeration System™ offers a competitive alternative to conventional refrigeration systems, with none of the pollution problems which continue to cause environmental concern.

Borealis has also identified a class of materials known as electrides which greatly increase the efficiency of thermionic systems. Borealis has many more patents pending, covering all aspects of thermionic cooling, and also related applications such as the generation of electricity through improved thermionic converters.

Borealis COO Isaiah Cox says: "The Borealis Refrigeration System™ has the potential to dominate the industry. Our control of the patents for thermionic refrigeration guarantees us a leading role in the development of this exciting new technology."

In August, 1997 Borealis Technical announced a letter of intent with Swiss company Landis & Gyr, a subsidiary of Electrowatt. Discussions are continuing. Borealis Technical is also involved in discussions with other major corporations for the exploitation of thermionic emission technologies.

PLEASE NOTE that Borealis Technical Limited is not associated with Borealis Technology Corporation (BRLS) also known as "Borealis Corporation" of Nevada. A trademark suit has been filed against the Nevada corporation.

Further information and detailed press packs are available from: http://www.borealis.com. If you do not have access to the World Wide Web, you can also get further information from Chris Bourne at +44 181 571 5216 or e-mail pr@borealis.com.


Borealis Technical Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited, a Canadian company quoted for trade over-the-counter in Toronto, Canada, and throughout Canada via the Canadian Dealer's Network CANOTC, under the symbol BSXC. Borealis Exploration Limited stock may also be traded in the USA under the symbol BOREF. There are 4,869,879 shares outstanding.

Borealis Technical was set up specifically to develop technologies arising out of research into problems of steel production following discussions with the European Commission concerning Borealis Exploration's mineral holdings.

Borealis Technical's investigations into the original problems have led to major breakthroughs in four separate fields.

These include steel-making, where our first three patents were issued in 1995 by the USPTO for the Borealis "One-Step Steel" production method, an environmentally sound method for the production of steel from iron ore and iron "fines" which substantially reduces both energy consumption and environmental pollution. The first such patent was published, together with an article on the implications of the method, for the cover story of the Skillings Mining Review of August 5th 1995.

Borealis Technical has also filed numerous patent applications in the field of electric motor technology, where the revolutionary Borealis electric motor shows great promise for torque and efficiency.

The third field of research is refrigeration, where the Borealis Refrigeration System (tm) offers a completely new method of cooling which is environmentally friendly, is energy-efficient and fully scalable, from large industrial plant applications to micro- electronic applications. Discussions with major corporations in various market sectors on the development and licensing of the refrigeration technology are progressing.

Finally, Borealis ZVT Sound is an audio technology which offers improvements to the performance of moving coil microphones. Borealis is actively seeking partners to develop Borealis ZVT further.

Borealis Technical believes the combination of sound science, practical cost benefits, and sound environmental policy makes for sound business. Our company logo, a beluga whale holding a pickaxe, sums up that philosophy.

Chris Bourne,
Public Relations

Tel: +44 181 571 5216
email: cfpb@borealis.com

Borealis Technical Limited

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